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Park, Paul. The Tourmaline

Park, Paul. The White Tyger

Peirce, Hayford. Napoleon Disentimed

Perello, Chris, and Ty Bomba. "Mason-Dixon"

Piper, H. Beam, and John F. Carr. Time Crime

Piper, H. Beam. Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen [vt Gunpowder God]

Piper, H. Beam. Paratime!

Pohanka, Reinhard. Kein Denkmahl für Maria Theresia: Ein alternative Geschichte Österreichs

Pohl, Frederick. The Coming of the Quantum Cats

Poyer, David C. The Shiloh Project

Pratchett, Terry, and Stephen Baxter. The Long Earth

Priest, Cherie. Boneshaker

Priest, Cherie. Dreadnought

Priest, Cherie. Fiddlehead

Priest, Cherie. Ganymede

Priest, Christopher. The Separation

Pullman, Philip. The Amber Spyglass

Pullman, Philip. Northern Lights [vt The Golden Compass]

Pullman, Philip. The Subtle Knife

Rajaniemi, Hannu. Summerland

Randle, Kevin, and Robert Cornett. Remember the Little Bighorn!

Ransmayr, Christoph. Morbus Kitahara: Roman

Ransom, Roger L. The Confederate States of America: What Might Have Been

Redliński, Edward. Krfotok [vt Krfotok czyli stanu wojennego nie było...]

Reginald, Robert. The Dark-Haired Man, or, The Hieromonk's Tale

Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Kennedys

Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Outlaws

Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Presidents

Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Warriors

Resnick, Mike, and Martin H. Greenberg (eds.). By Any Other Fame

Resnick, Mike. The Other Teddy Roosevelts

Reynolds, Alastair. "The Six Directions of Space"

Reynolds, Mack, and Dean Ing. The Other Time

Rich, Frederic C. Christian Nation

Richard-Bessiègre, F. Croisiègre dans le temps

Richardson, Ken. Reich Star

Richmond, Caroline Tung. The Only Thing to Fear

Roberson, Chris. The Dragon's Nine Sons

Roberson, Chris. Iron Jaw and Hummingbird

Roberson, Chris. "Metal Dragon Year"

Roberson, Chris. Three Unbroken

Roberson, Chris. The Voyage of Night Shining White

Roberts, Adam. Swiftly

Roberts, Andrew (ed.). What Might Have Been: Leading Historians on Twelve 'What Ifs' of History

Roberts, John Maddox. Hannibal's Children

Roberts, John Maddox. King of the Wood

Roberts, John Maddox. The Seven Hills

Roberts, Keith. Pavane

Robinson, Kim Stanley. The Years of Rice and Salt

Rosenberg, Charles. The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington

Rosenfeld, Gavriel D. (ed.). What Ifs of Jewish History: From Abraham to Zionism

Rosenfeld, Gavriel. The World Hitler Never Made: Alternate History and the Memory of Nazism

Roth, Philip. The Plot Against America

Rountree, Josh. Can't Buy Me Faded Love

Ruaud, André-François (ed.). Passés recomposés: Anthologie uchronique

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn. The Enemy Within

Russ, Joanna. The Female Man

Sánchez-Reyes, Javier, and Pedro A. García Bilbao. Fuego sobre San Juan

Saberhagen, Fred. The Mask of the Sun

Saberhagen, Joan Spicci, and Robert E. Vardeman (eds.). Golden Reflections

Sanders, William. J.

Sanders, William. Journey to Fusang

Sanders, William. The Wild Blue and the Gray

Sansom, C.J. Dominion

Santos, Octávio dos (ed.). A República Nunca Existiu!

Sarban. The Sound of His Horn

Sargent, Pamela. Climb the Wind

Saudray, Nicolas. Les oranges de Yalta: roman

Saville, Guy. The Afrika Reich

Saville, Guy. The Madagaskar Plan

Sawyer, Robert J. Hominids

Sawyer, Robert J. Humans

Sawyer, Robert J. Hybrids

Schmitt, Éric-Emmanuel. La part de l'autre

Schumacher, Tony. An Army of One

Schumacher, Tony. The British Lion

Schumacher, Tony. The Darkest Hour

Scott, Melissa, and Lisa A. Barnett. Armor of Light

Scott, Melissa. A Choice of Destinies

Semel, Nava. Eesrael

Sen, Jai, Seijuro Mizu, Umeka Asayuki, and Shino Yotsumoto. The Golden Vine

Shainblum, Mark, and John Dupuis (eds.). Arrowdreams: An Anthology of Alternate Canadas

Shawl, Nisi. Everfair: A Novel

Sheers, Owen. Resistance

Shetterly, Will, and Vince Stone. Captain Confederacy (vol. 1).

Shetterly, Will, and Vince Stone. Captain Confederacy (vol. 2).

Shimmin, Graeme. A Kill in the Morning

Shwartz, Susan. The Woman of Flowers

Silverberg, Robert (ed.). Worlds of Maybe: Seven Stories of Science Fiction

Silverberg, Robert. Beyond the Gate of Worlds

Silverberg, Robert. The Gate of Worlds

Silverberg, Robert. Le nez de Cléopâtre

Silverberg, Robert. Roma Eterna

Silverberg, Robert. Up the Line

Silverberg, Robert. "Via Roma"

Simon, Erik (ed.). Alexanders langes Leben, Stalins früher Tod und andere abwegige Geschichten: Erzaehlungen und Berichte aus Parallelwelten

Smale, Alan. Clash of Eagles

Smale, Alan. Eagle and Empire

Smale, Alan. Eagle in Exile

Smith, L. Neil. The American Zone

Smith, L. Neil. The Crystal Empire

Smith, L. Neil. The Probability Broach

Sobel, Robert. For Want of a Nail…; If Burgoyne Had Won at Saratoga

Spinrad, Norman. The Iron Dream

Squire, J.C. (ed.). If It Had Happened Otherwise: Lapses Into Imaginary History [vt If: or, History Rewritten]

Stableford, Brian. The Empire of Fear

Stableford, Brian. "The Plurality of Worlds"

Steele, Allen. Chronospace

Steele, Allen. The Tranquillity Alternative

Steele, Allen. V-S Day: A Novel of Alternate History

Stern, Roger, and Eduardo Barreto. Superman: A Nation Divided

Stirling, S.M. Against the Tide of Years

Stirling, S.M. Black Chamber

Stirling, S.M. Conquistador

Stirling, S.M. The Domination

Stirling, S.M. Drakon

Stirling, S.M. Island in the Sea of Time

Stirling, S.M. Marching Through Georgia

Stirling, S.M. On the Oceans of Eternity

Stirling, S.M. The Peshawar Lancers

Stirling, S.M. The Stone Dogs

Stirling, S.M. Under the Yoke

Stocco, Giampetro. Dea del Caos

Stocco, Giampetro. Nero italiano

Strömberg, Håkan. Odens öga

Stross, Charles. The Bloodline Feud

Stross, Charles. The Clan Corporate

Stross, Charles. Dark State

Stross, Charles. Empire Games

Stross, Charles. The Family Trade

Stross, Charles. The Hidden Family

Stross, Charles. The Merchants' War

Stross, Charles. Missile Gap

Stross, Charles. The Revolution Business

Stross, Charles. The Revolution Trade

Stross, Charles. The Trade of Queens

Stroyar, J.N. A Change of Regime

Stroyar, J.N. The Children's War

Sumner, Mark. Devil's Tower

Swanwick, Michael. In the Drift

Swanwick, Michael. Jack Faust

Swedin, Eric G. When Angels Wept: A What-If History of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Swendson, Shanna. Rebel Mechanics

Tanner, Rachel. Le glaive de Mithra

Tanner, Rachel. L'empreinte des Dieux

Taylor, D.J. The Windsor Faction

Tetlock, Philip E., Richard Ned Lebow, and Geoffrey Parker (eds.). Unmaking the West: "What-If?" Scenarios That Rewrite World History

Thomsen, Brian M., and Martin H. Greenberg (eds.). Alternate Gettysburgs

Thomsen, Brian M., and Martin H. Greenberg (eds.). A Date Which Will Live in Infamy: An Anthology of Pearl Harbor Stories That Might Have Been

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