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O'Flaherty, Dennis. King of the Cracksmen. Night Shade 2015.

O'Flaherty, Dennis. King of the Cracksmen
Divergence: c 1825 CE
What if: The United States sold all its territory west of the Mississippi to Russia during the 1820s.
Summary: Steampunk adventure set in a post-Civil War 1877 in which Lincoln is still president, but Edwin Stanton runs the U.S.
Series note: Sequel is The Calorium Wars.
Published: Night Shade 2015 (1597805513BUY).

O'Flaherty, Dennis. The Calorium Wars: An Extravaganza of the Gilded Age
Divergence: c 1825 CE
Series note: Sequel to King of the Cracksmen.
Published: Night Shade 2016 (1597808814BUY).