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Perello, Chris, and Ty Bomba. "Mason-Dixon" In Command #35 (November 1995).

Perello, Chris, and Ty Bomba. "Mason-Dixon"
Divergence: 1863 CE
What if: Ulysses Grant was killed during the Vicksburg campaign, and the South won at Gettysburg as a result of Pender's Charge. All leads to McClellan's victory in the 1864 presidential election.
Summary: Magazine article with related wargame materials. The article, subtitled "Could the South Have Won the Civil War?", presents a likely branch point and a short bibliography. The game component, "The Second American Civil War", is more explicit, offering a timeline to c. 1900, when the two North American powers have expanded as much as they can without conflict.
Published: In Command #35 and supplement (November 1995).