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Peirce, Hayford. Napoleon Disentimed. Tor 1987.

Peirce, Hayford. Napoleon Disentimed
Divergence: 1697 CE
What if: The Ottomans invaded Russia c 1697, preventing its rise to power and leaving it helpless before Napoleon a century later.
Summary: Cross and vertical time travel adventure involving an attempt to prevent Napoleon's European takeover.
Published: Tor 1987 (0812548981, 081254899X); Bantam UK 1989 (0553176013); Wildside 2000 (1587152673BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: German as Hayford Peirce: Der zeitgereiste Bonaparte, Heyne 1992.
Translation: Italian by Riccardo Valla as La scacchiera del tempo, Mondadori 1990.

Peirce, Hayford. The Burr in the Garden of Eden
Series note: Apparently a belated sequel to Napoleon Disentimed.
Published: Wildside 2001 (1587152770BUY).