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Russ, Joanna. The Female Man. Bantam 1975.

Russ, Joanna. The Female Man
Divergence: 1936 CE
Summary: Interaction of a woman from a future where a plague killed all men, a 1960s woman from a timeline where World War II didn't happen, and the author.
Published: Bantam 1975 (0553111752), Gregg 1977 (0839823517), Women's Press 1985 (0704339498), Beacon 1986 (0807063134BUY), Easton 1994.
Published: Included in Radical Utopias, BOMC 1990.
Original in: English.
Translation: Catalan by María Sara Fons Fleming as L'home femella, Pleniluni 1984 (8485752090).
Translation: Danish by Inge-Lise Paulsen as Kvinde mennesket, Informations 1986 (8775140489).
Translation: Finnish by Kristiina Drews as Naisten planeetta, Kirjayhtymä 1986 (9512628856).
Translation: French by Henry-Luc Planchet as L'Autre moitié de l'homme: roman, R. Laffont 1977, Presses pocket 1985 (2266014994).
Translation: German by Werner Fuchs as Planet der frauen, Knaur 1978 (3426057093), 1979 (3426007096). Included in Mythische Welten (ed. [[editor unknown]]), Knaur 1985 (3426058243).
Translation: Italian by Oriana Palusci as Female Man, Nord 1989 (8842906514).
Translation: Spanish by Maríbel de Juan as El hombre hembra, Bruguera 1978.
Translation: Spanish by Maríbel Martínez as El hombre hembra, Ultramar 1987 (8473864360).
Translation: Swedish by Ylva Spångberg as Honmänniskan, Replik 1996 (918881811X).