Cover art
Nelson, Arvid, et al. Rex Mundi, issue #0. Image Comics.
Cover art
Nelson, Arvid, and Juan Ferreyra. Rex Mundi: The Valley at the End of the World. Dark Horse 2008.

Nelson, Arvid, Eric Johnson, Jeromy Cox, Jim Di Bartolo, and Juan Ferreyra. Rex Mundi
Summary: A quest for the Holy Grail in a 1933 Europe in which the Reformation never occurred.
Comments: Nelson is writer of the entire series. Johnson (as "EricJ") was artist and Cox colorist for the first thirteen issues, Di Bartolo artist for two issues, and Ferreyra artist for all subsequent issues.
Published: Comic book series apparently totalling 38 issues, with nineteen (numbered 0 through 18) from Image Comics 2002-2006, and nineteen from Dark Horse (2007-2009).
Published: Six compilations of roughly six issues each: The Guardian of the Temple, Image Comics 2004 (1582403414BUY), Dark Horse 2006 (1593076525BUY); The River Underground, Image Comics 2005 (1582404798BUY), Dark Horse 2007 (1593076827BUY); The Lost Kings, Dark Horse 2006 (1593076517BUY); Crown and Sword, Dark Horse 2007 (1593078242BUY); The Valley at the End of the World, Dark Horse 2008 (1595821929BUY); and Gate of God, Dark Horse 2010 (1595824030BUY).
Published: The compilations in turn were collected as Rex Mundi Omnibus Volume 1, Dark Horse 2012 (1595829636BUY); and Rex Mundi Omnibus Volume 2, Dark Horse 2013 (1616550686BUY).
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