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Ransmayr, Christoph. Morbus Kitahara: Roman. Fischer 1995.
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Ransmayr, Christoph. Morbus Kitahara: Roman. Translated to the English as The Dog King. Knopf 1997.

Ransmayr, Christoph. Morbus Kitahara: Roman
Title trans.: The Dog King
What if: The Morgenthau, or "Stellamour", Plan for de-industrializing Germany back to the Middle Ages was implemented after World War II, but the war in the Pacific dragged on for another twenty years.
Summary: In the late 1960s, the son of a village blacksmith becomes the bodyguard of a concentration camp survivor placed in charge of a nearby quarry by the American occupation force.
Published: Fischer 1995 (3100629086), 1997 (3596137829).
Original in: German.
Translation: English by John E. Woods as The Dog King, Knopf 1997 (0679450572BUY), Vintage 1998 (0679768602BUY), Chatto & Windus 1997 (0701166274), and Vintage UK 1998 (0099766914). V.t. Morbus Kitahara, Distribooks 1999 (3596137829).
Translation: French by Bernard Kreiss as Le syndrôme de Kitahara, Michel 1997 (2226093893).