Waugh, Charles G., and Martin H. Greenberg (eds.). Alternative Histories: Eleven Stories of the World as It Might Have Been
Comments: Reprints and new stories, including Poul Anderson's "Delenda Est", Stephen Vincent Benét's "The Curfew Tolls", Irving E. Cox's "In the Circle of Nowhere", L. Sprague de Camp's "The Wheels of If", Suzette Haden Elgin's "Hush My Mouth", Edward Everett Hale's "Hands Off", R.A. Lafferty's "Interurban Queen", H. Beam Piper's "He Walked Around the Horses", Keith Roberts's "The Lady Anne", Kiim Stanley Robinson's "The Lucky Strike", and Steven Utley and Howard Waldrop's "Custer's Last Jump". Also includes Gordon B. Chamberlain's essay "Afterword: Allohistory in Science Fiction" and Barton C. Hacker and Gordon B. Chamberlain's extensive bibliography "Pasts that Might Have Been, II: A Revised Bibliography of Alternative History".
Published: Garland 1986 (0824086597BUY).