Lafferty, R.A. "Interurban Queen"
Divergence: c 1896 CE
What if: Trolleys took the place of the automobile in America's growth.
Summary: An older man reminisces about when he had to choose between investing in trolleys or autos, and then helps hunt down an auto outlaw.
Published: In Orbit 8 (ed. Damon Knight), Putnam's 1970, Berkley 1971 (0425019705); Survival Printout (eds. Leonard Allison, Leonard Jenkin and Robert Perrault), Vintage 1973 (0394718577); Looking Ahead: The Vision of Science Fiction (eds. Dick Allen and Lori Allen), HBJ 1975 (015551184X); Car Sinister (eds. Robert Silverberg, et al.), Avon 1979 (0380453932); Ringing Changes, Ace 1984 (0441726070); Alternative Histories: Eleven Stories of the World as It Might Have Been (eds. Charles G. Waugh and Martin H. Greenberg), q.v.; and Lafferty in Orbit, Broken Mirrors 1991 (0962382485).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Michel Lederer as "La fée interurbaine", in Histoire de la 4ègme dimension (ed. unknown), Livre de Poche 1986 (2253032956).
Translation: Italian by Delio Zinoni as "Tutti in tram", in La banda di Barnaby Sheen, Mondadori 1985.