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Wilson, Robert Charles. Mysterium. Bantam/Spectra 1994.
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Wilson, Robert Charles. Mysterium Translated to the French as Mysterium, J'ai lu 1995.

Wilson, Robert Charles. Mysterium
What if: The Roman empire was not Christianized, and gnosticism became the dominant branch of Christianity.
Summary: An accident in a secret lab moves an entire Michigan town sideways to a world where the Anglo-French North American republic is at war with Spain.
Published: Bantam/Spectra 1994 (055337365XBUY), 1995 (0553569538BUY); SFBC 1994; New English Library 1995 (0450609596); Tor/Orb 2010 (<<0765327414>).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Pierre-Paul Durastanti as Mysterium, J'ai lu 1995 (2277239496).
Awards: Winner: 1994 Philip K. Dick Award.