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Wilson, Robert Charles. Darwinia. Tor 1998.
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Wilson, Robert Charles. Darwinia. Translated to the French, Denoël 2000.

Wilson, Robert Charles. Darwinia
Divergence: 1912 CE
What if: In March 1912, the continent of Europe disappeared, to be replaced by a land with the same geography but a much different zoology.
Summary: The life of Guilford Law, at first an explorer of this new land, but later a participant in what turns out to be in a war to save the galactic memory/history.
Published: Tor 1998 (0312860382BUY), 1999 (0812566629BUY); Millennium 1999 (1857988159); Tor/Orb 2007 (0765319055BUY);.
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Michele Charrier as Darwinia, Denoël 2000 (2207249387); Gallimard 2003 (2070302849).
Awards: Nominee: 1999 Hugo for best novel.