Weintraub, Stanley. Silent Night
Divergence: 1914 CE
What if: The Christmas Truce of 1914 continued and resulted in an early end to World War I.
Summary: A history of the real, brief truce. The final chapter of the book is entitled "What If—?" and includes 10 pages of speculation about the possible effects of the truce ending the war. Results include Germany becoming the dominant power in Europe and France drifting toward anti-Semitism and fascism, while the United States remains somewhat isolationist after the Hughes election in 1916.
Published: Simon & Schuster/Free Press 2001 (0684872811BUY), Plume 2002 (0452283671BUY), Pocket UK 2002 (0684866226), Thorndike 2003 (0786247401).