Waldrop, Howard. You Could Go Home Again
Divergence: 1932 CE
What if: FDR died shortly before the 1932 Democratic convention and Huey Long became president, only to be assassinated a year later.
Summary: In 1940, author Thomas Wolfe departs the Tokyo Olympics aboard a zeppelin, and while listening to Fats Waller, muses about how his life has changed since he almost died in 1938.
Published: Cheap Street 1993.
Published: On-line at Omni Online, June 1995.
Published: Included in Going Home Again, Eidolon 1997 (0958686408), St. Martin's 1998 (0312185898BUY); All Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories (eds. David Moles and Jay Lake), Wheatland 2004 (0972054774BUY); and Other Worlds, Better Lives: A Howard Waldrop Reader: Selected Long Fiction 1989-2003, Old Earth 2008 (1882968379BUY).
Awards: Honorable mention: 1995 Sidewise Award for best short-form alternate history.