Waldrop, Howard. "US"
Divergence: 1929 CE
What if: The Lindbergh baby survived his kidnaping.
Summary: Three lives he might have led: as a rocketeer and astronaut, as an artist, and as a recluse.
Published: In The Year's Best Science Fiction: Sixteenth Annual Collection (ed. Gardner Dozois), St. Martin's 1999 (0312209630BUY, 0312204450BUY), v.t. The Mammoth Book of Best New SF 12, Robinson 1999 (1841190535); and Things Will Never be the Same: A Howard Waldrop Reader: Selected Science Fiction, 1980-2005, Old Earth 2007 (1882968360BUY, 1882968352BUY).
Published: On-line at Event Horizon Oct. 14, 1998.
Awards: Finalist: 1998 Sidewise Award for best short-form alternate history.