Waldrop, Howard. "Hoover's Men"
Divergence: c 1908 CE
What if: Al Smith beat Herbert Hoover in the election of 1928.
Summary: Afterwards, Smith asks Hoover to become head of the new Federal Radio Agency, which also gives TV an early push.
Series note: A sentence in this story suggests it is set in the same timeline as Waldrop's "Ike at the Mike".
Published: In Omni, October 1988; Night of the Cooters: More Neat Stories, Ursus/Ziesing 1990 (0942681053), Ace 1993 (0441574734); Night of the Cooters: More Neat Stuff, Legend 1991; Omni Visions One (ed. Ellen Datlow), Omni 1993 (0874552982); and Dream Factories and Radio Pictures (e-book), ElectricStory.com 2001.