Wagner, Roland C. "H.P.L. (1890-1991)"
Divergence: 1935 CE
What if: After a hospital visit in 1935, H.P. Lovecraft's health improved and he lived an extra 54 years.
Summary: An obituary that details Lovecraft's relationships and achievements, including his Hugo Award in 1965 and feuds with Robert Heinlein, L. Ron Hubbard, and eventually John W. Campbell.
Published: In H.P.L. (1890-1991), L'Astronaute mort 1995; CyberDreams 08: Les mondes d'a cote (eds. Sylvie Debis and Francis Valéry), DLM 1996 (2877950913); SF 98 (eds. Gilles Dumay and Olivier Girard), Bifrost/Étoiles Vives 1998; Musique de l'energie (ed. anon.), Nestiveqnen 2000; and Les Navigateurs de l'infini, Imaginaire sans Frontiègres 2001.
Original in: French.
Translation: English by Jean-Daniel Breque as "H.P.L. (1890-1991)", in Crypt of Cthulhu #103.