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Turtledove, Harry. Ruled Britannia. NAL/Roc 2002.
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Turtledove, Harry. Ruled Britannia. Translated to the Spanish as Britania Conquistada, AJEC 2005.

Turtledove, Harry. Ruled Britannia
Divergence: 1588 CE
What if: The Spanish Armada conquered England.
Summary: Ten years later, William Shakespeare is caught in a web of intrigue when he is asked to write two plays, one commemorating the life of Spain's King Phillip and the other to rouse English feeling against the country's occupiers.
Published: NAL/Roc 2002 (0451207173BUY), 2003 (0451459156BUY), 2006 (0451460847BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: Italian by A. di Zabini as Per il trono d'Inghilterra, Nord 2003.
Translation: Portuguese by Horge Canedias as O Dilema de Shakespeare, Saída de Emergência.
Translation: Spanish by Eva Verloop as Britania Conquistada, AJEC 2005 (8496013154).
Awards: Winner (tie): 2002 Sidewise Award for best long-form alternate history.