Turtledove, Harry. "The Last Article"
Divergence: 1940 CE
What if: Hitler's armies penetrated all the way to India.
Summary: Gandhi preaches non-violent resistance to the German occupation.
Published: In The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, January 1988; There Will Be War 7: Call to Battle (eds. Jerry Pournelle and John F. Carr), Tor 1988; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Sixth Annual Collection (ed. Gardner Dozois), St. Martin's 1989 (0312030096BUY, 0312030088BUY), v.t. Best New SF 3, Robinson 1989 (1854870289); The Fantastic World War II (ed. Frank McSherry, Jr), Baen 1990 (0671698818BUY); What Might Have Been? Volume 2: Alternate Heroes (eds. Gregory Benford and Martin H. Greenberg), q.v.; Time Machines: The Greatest Time Travel Stories Ever Written (ed. Bill Adler, Jr.), Carroll & Graf 1998 (0786704934BUY), 2002 (0786710330BUY); The Best Military Science Fictions Stories of the 20th Century (eds. Harry Turtledove and Martin H. Greenberg), Ballantine 2001 (0345439899BUY); One Lamp: The Best Alternate History Stories from F&SF (ed. Gordon Van Gelder), q.v.; and 3×T, Baen 2004 (0743488350BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by F. Maillet as "Le dernier article", in Fiction #403, Opta 1988.
Translation: German by Michael Windgassen as "Das letzte Gebot", in Hiroshima soll leben! Die schönsten Alternativwelt-Geschichten (ed. Karl Michael Armer), q.v.
Translation: Greek by Thanasis Vebos as "To telefteo arthro", in An to Trito Raix (ed. Thanasis Vebos), q.v.
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Translation: Italian by Claudia Verpelli as "Il terrore e la fede", in Millemondiestate 1989 (ed. Gianni Montanari), Mondadori 1989.
Translation: Italian by Carla Della Casa as "L'ultimo imperativo", in I mondi del possibile (ed. Piergiorgio Nicolazzini), q.v.
Translation: Italian by Marina Cecchinelli as "L'ultimo articolo", in I tempi che corrono; Millemondi 17 (ed. Bill Adler, Jr.), Mondadori 1998.