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Swanwick, Michael. In the Drift. Ace 1985.

Swanwick, Michael. In the Drift
Divergence: 1979 CE
What if: Three Mile Island melted down, irradiating eastern Pennsylvania.
Summary: Life in Philadelphia and the adjacent Drift, 100 years later, and the conflict for power.
Published: Ace 1985 (0441358691), 1987 (0441370721BUY), 1997 (0441358691BUY); Legend 1989 (0712623795BUY), 1990 (0099615304).
Published: Revision of "Mummer Kiss", in Universe 11 (ed. Terry Carr), Doubleday 1981; and "Marrow Death", in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine mid-December 1984.
Original in: English.
Translation: Nederlands by Thoms Wintner as In the Zone, Meulenhoff 1988 (9029044667).
Translation: French by Michel Lederer as Le baiser du masque, Denoël 1986 (220730423X).
Translation: Italian by Carlo Borriello as Il tempo dei mutanti, Fanucci 1994 (883470424X).
Awards: "Mummer Kiss" nominee: 1981 Nebula for best novelette.