Sverzhin, Vladimir. Institute of Experimental History
Series note: Six books about an organization that meddles with alternative realities, with Trekhglavii orel and Krestovyi pokhod vosvoyasi, both q.v., most obviously containing allohistorical elements. Other titles are Ishuschij bitvu ("Seeking a Battle"), Kolesnichie fortuny ("The Charioteers of Fortune"), and Zakon edinoroga ("The Law of the Unicorn"), which form a trilogy involving Richard the Lionheart and John Lackland; and Vse lordy Kamelota ("All Lords of Camelot").

Sverzhin, Vladimir. Trekhglavii orel
Title trans.: The Three-Headed Eagle
Divergence: c 1773 CE
Summary: IEH agents at the court of Catherine the Great cause Pugachev to be sent to America with his Cossacks to help the British. Instead he aids the rebels and establishes an empire on constitutional principles.
Published: AST 2001 (5170065043).
Original in: Russian.

Sverzhin, Vladimir. Krestovyi pokhod vosvoiasi
Title trans.: The Backward Crusade
Summary: IEH agents in Russian during the Mongol invasion end up helping Frederick II defeat the Mongols in Palestine.
Published: AST 2002 (5170127553).
Original in: Russian.