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Stocco, Giampetro. Nero italiano. Fratelli Frilli 2003.

Stocco, Giampetro. Nero italiano
Title trans.: Black Italy
What if: Italy stayed out of World War II.
Summary: Set in 1976 fascist Italy.
Series note: Sequel is Dea del Caos.
Published: Fratelli Frilli 2003 (8887923779).
Original in: Italian.

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Stocco, Giampetro. Dea del Caos. Fratelli Frilli 2005.

Stocco, Giampetro. Dea del Caos
Title trans.: Chaos Goddess
Summary: Set in a 2005 Italy that has divided into three parts, a post-Communist northwest, a conservative republic in the south, and a German prtotectorate in the northeast.
Series note: Sequel to Nero italiano.
Published: Fratelli Frilli 2005 (8875631158).
Original in: Italian.