Sterling, Bruce, and Lewis Shiner. "Mozart in Mirrorshades"
Divergence: c 1775 CE
Summary: Europe and America of 1775 are exploited by the future of another timeline hungry for oil, but resistance forms.
Published: In Omni, September 1985; Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology (ed. Bruce Sterling), Arbor House 1986 (0877958688BUY), Ace 1988 (0441533825BUY), Paladin 1988 (0586087826BUY), HarperCollins UK 1994 (0586087826); The Seventh Omni Book of Science Fiction (ed. Ellen Datlow), Zebra 1989 (0821726889); The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century (eds. Harry Turtledove and Martin H. Greenberg), q.v.; Futures Past (eds. Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois), q.v. and Shiner's Collected Stories, Subterranean 2009 (1596062525BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: Nederlands by Alistair Schuchart as "Mozart met Spiegelbril", in CyberpunkSF (ed. Sterling), Meulenhoff 1989 (9029040475).
Translation: French as "Mozart en verres miroirs", in Mozart en verres miroirs (ed. Sterling), Denoël 1987 (2207504514).
Translation: German by Roland Fleissner as "Mozart mit Spiegelbrille", in Spiegelschatten. Die gro├če Cyberpunk- Anthologie (ed. Sterling), Heyne 1988 (3453031334).
Translation: Greek by Thanasis Vebos as "Mozart me Mavra Gialia - Kathreftes", in Epistimoniki Fantasia: Cyberpunk Anthologia (ed. Thanasis Vebos), Ekdosis tis Geas 1993.
Translation: Italian by Fabio Gadducci as "Mozart con gli occhiali a specchio", in Mirrorshades (ed. Sterling), Bompiani 1994 (8845221512), Fratelli Fabbri 1995.
Translation: Polish by Dorota Malinowska as "Mozart w przeciwslonecznych okularach", in Fantastyka, January 1987.
Translation: Portuguese by Eduardo Saló as "Mozart de Óculos Espelhados", in Reflexos do Futuro (ed. Sterling), Livros do Brasil 1989.