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Spinrad, Norman. The Iron Dream. Translated to the German as Der stählerne Traum, Heyne 1983.

Spinrad, Norman. The Iron Dream
Divergence: 1919 CE
What if: Hitler emigrated to the USA in 1919 and after several years as a commercial artist turned to writing SF.
Summary: The text of Hitler's Hugo Award-winning novel Lord of the Swastika.
Published: Avon 1972 (0380002000); Gregg 1977 (0839823614); Jove/HBJ 1978; Pocket 1982; Bantam/Spectra 1986 (0553252895BUY); Lightyear 1998 (0899684122BUY); Toxic 1999 (1902002164BUY); Trafalgar Square 2000 (1902002164BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: Estonian by Lasse Nikkarev as Terasunelm, Skarabeus 1998 (9985604865).
Translation: French by Jean-Michel Boissier as Rêve de fer, Opta 1973, Livre de poche 1977 (2253017469), Presses de la Cité 1985 (2258015065).
Translation: German by Walter Brumm as Der stählerne Traum, Heyne 1983 (3453306848), HJB 2014 (3956340205BUY).
Translation: Italian by Lella Costa as Il signore della svastica, Longanesi 1976, Editori Associati 1994 (8878194921).
Translation: Portuguese by José Sanz as O Sonho de ferro, José Olympio 1976.
Translation: Spanish by Aníbal Leal as El sueño de Hierro , Minotauro 1972, Minotauro 1979 (843500239X).