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Smale, Alan. Hot Moon. Caezik SF&F 2022.

Smale, Alan. Apollo Rising
Series note: Series including Hot Moon and the forthcoming Radiant Sky. Follow-up volume(s) have not yet been announced.

Smale, Alan. Hot Moon
Summary: Set in an alternative 1979 in which both the USA and USSR have permanent Moon bases.
Series note: First volume of Apollo Rising.
Published: Caezik SF&F 2022 (164710050XBUY).

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Smale, Alan. Radiant Sky. Caezik SF&F 2024.

Smale, Alan. Radiant Sky
Series note: Second volume of Apollo Rising.
Published: Not yet published; expected from Caezik SF&F in August 2024 (1647101158BUY).