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Silverberg, Robert. Up the Line. Ballantine 1973.
Cover art
Silverberg, Robert. Up the Line. Ballantine/Del Rey 1985.

Silverberg, Robert. Up the Line
Divergence: 9 CE
Summary: A time tour guide gets in trouble. Basically non-allohistorical, but the result of assassinating Jesus at age 11 is briefly described.
Comments: Follow-ups include Baron's Glory's End, Kingston's Caesar's Time Legions, Doyle and Macdonald's Timecrime, Inc., and Wu's The Robin Hood Ambush.
Published: Ballantine 1969, 1973 (0345234456), 1981 (0345296966), Ballantine/Del Rey 1985 (0345325850), Gollancz 1987 (0575040386); and ibooks 2002 (0743444973BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: Czech by Petr Kotrle as Proti proudu casu, Navrat 1992 (8085432404).
Translation: Nederlands by Ruud Bal as Rijders van de Tijdwind, Gradivus 1977 (906317571X).
Translation: French by Henry-Luc Planchet as Les Temps parallègles: roman, Marabout 1976; Livre de Poche 2006 (225311331X).
Translation: German by Tony Westermayr as Zeitpatrouille, Goldmann 1971, 1978 (3442231256).
Translation: Italian by Roberta Rambelli as Il paradosso del passato, Nord 1978 (884290080X).
Translation: Italian by Delio Zinoni Rambelli as Il paradosso del passato, Mondadori 1994.
Translation: Portuguese by Abel Coimbra as Os Correios do Tempo, Livros do Brasil 1993.
Translation: Swedish by Inge R.L. Larsson as Tidsströmmen, Kindberg 1979 (9185668095).
Awards: Nominee: 1970 Hugo for best novel.