Niven, Larry. "The Return of William Proxmire"
Divergence: 1930 CE
What if: Robert Heinlein did not resign from the navy.
Summary: Sen. Proxmire tries to destroy NASA by going back in time in order to prevent Heinlein from becoming an SF writer.
Published: In What Might Have Been? Volume 1: Alternate Empires (eds. Gregory Benford and Martin H. Greenberg), q.v.; N-Space, Tor 1990 (0312850891BUY), 1992 (0812510011BUY), 2007 (0765318245BUY), SFBC 1991, Orbit 1992 (1857230035); and The Best of Larry Niven (ed. Jonathan Strahan), Subterranean 2010 (1596063319BUY).
Awards: Nominee: 1990 Hugo for best short story.