Morselli, Guido. Contro-passato prossimo: un'ipotesi retrospettiva
Title trans.: Past Conditional: A Retrospective Hypothesis
Divergence: 1916 CE
What if: Austria-Hungary invaded Italy via a secret tunnel in May 1916, forcing it out of the war in five days.
Summary: How lightning tactics achieved victory for the Central Powers in World War I and led to the creation of a semi-socialist Western European federation in 1917.
Published: Adelphi 1975, 1978 (9901959543), 1987.
Original in: Italian.
Translation: English by Hugh Shankland as Past Conditional: A Retrospective Hypothesis, Chatto & Windus 1989 (0701129174BUY).
Translation: French by Dominique Hauser as Le passé à venir, L'Age d'Homme 1991 (2825101575).
Translation: German by Arianna Giachi as Licht am Ende des Tunnels, Claassen 1977 (354646818X), Suhrkamp 1995 (3518387073).