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McAuley, Paul. Cowboy Angels. Gollancz 2007.
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McAuley, Paul. Cowboy Angels. Pyr 2011.

McAuley, Paul. Cowboy Angels
Divergences: 1929 CE, 1935 CE, 1963 CE
What if: A Communist revolution toppled the American government in the late 1920s, or the Cuban Missile Crisis went hot, or World War II never happened, or a fascist America never entered World War II, or...?
Summary: In 1984, a retired agent from a timeline in which crosstime travel was discovered in 1963 is forced into investigating a conspiracy against the "peacenik" American Carter presidency of "the Real".
Series note: Related story is "A Brief Guide To Other Histories".
Published: Gollancz 2007 (0575079347BUY, 0575079355BUY); Pyr 2011 (1616142510BUY).

McAuley, Paul. "A Brief Guide To Other Histories"
Divergence: c 1935 CE
What if: A military coup overthrew Franklin Roosevelt and the United States ended up ruled by a general turned "president for life".
Summary: After crosstime intervention in the 1970s restores America to democracy, a military patrol in New York is shaken when one of its members meets his doppelganger.
Series note: Related novel is Cowboy Angels.
Comments: Apparently set in the timeline described in Cowboy Angels as the American Bund sheaf, where the U.S. is governed by a dictator known as the Dear Leader.
Published: In Postscripts #15 (September 2008); and Other Worlds Than These (ed. John Joseph Adams), Night Shade 2012 (1597804339BUY)
— Posted on author's website, [[date unknown]].
Awards: Finalist: 2008 Sidewise Award for best short-form alternate history.
Web link: Paul McAuley's website