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Louvish, Simon. The Resurrections. Four Walls Eight Windows 1994.

Louvish, Simon. The Resurrections
Divergence: 1919 CE
What if: Rosa Luxemburg lived to lead the Communist takeover of Germany in 1923, forcing the National Socialists to flee to America, and in 1924, the struggle for power in the Soviet Union was won by Trotsky rather than Stalin.
Summary: In the late 1960s, while the deaths of Mussolini and Trotsky bring turmoil to the rest of the world, Joseph Goebbels strives to put Adolf Hitler's second son in the White House.
Published: Four Walls Eight Windows 1994 (1568580142BUY).
— Revision of Resurrections from the Dustbin of History: A Political Fantasy, Bloomsbury 1992 (0747511918).