Lewinsky, Charles, Doris Morf, and Josef Wandeler. Hitler auf dem Rütli: Protokolle einer verdraengten Zeit
Title trans.: Hitler on the Rütli: Records of a Suppressed Era
Divergence: 1940 CE
What if: Germany also invaded Switzerland on May 10, 1940, defeating the country within a week and subsequently partitioning the country with Italy. Switzerland remains occupied until an Allied invasion begins in late 1944.
Summary: Purportedly published on the 45th anniversary of the German attack, this is a volume of 50 "oral histories" in which Swiss from all walks of life, and of varying degrees of resistance to the occupation, describe their experiences during the war.
Comments: Similar to such volumes as Sobel's For Want of a Nail… and Gilbert's Britain Invaded, this book is presented as an artifact from this other timeline.
Published: Unionsverlag 1984 (3293000819).
Original in: German.