Lansdale, Joe R. "Trains Not Taken"
What if: Japan colonized the western part of North America and Europe the east, leaving no major frontier.
Summary: James Hickock meets Bill Cody on a train in the Dakotas, and both lament their uninteresting lives as businessmen.
Published: In RE:AL date unknown; By Bizarre Hands, Ziesing 1989 (0929480120), Avon 1989 (0380712059), New English Library 1992 (0450554171); Electric Gumbo: A Lansdale Reader, QPBC 1994; and High Cotton: Selected Stories of Joe R. Lansdale, Golden Gryphon 2000 (0965590127BUY), 2003 (1930846177BUY).

Lansdale, Joe R., and John Garcia. "Trains Not Taken"
Summary: Graphic version of Lansdale's short story.
Published: In Atomic Chili: The Illustrated Joe R. Lansdale, Mojo 1996 (188541806XBUY).