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Kurlan, Michael, and S.W. Barton. The Last President. Critic's Choice 1985.

Kurland, Michael, and S.W. Barton. The Last President
Divergence: 1972 CE
What if: The Watergate break-ins went undetected.
Summary: Nixon & Co.'s further activities (more break-ins, internal confinement camps, canceled elections, etc.) eventually provoke a coup.
Comments: Note that the president is never named and all other important administration figures have names other than those who actually served. Thus, this book may be considered borderline allohistory.
Published: Morrow 1980 (0688036104); Critic's Choice 1985 (0931773091), 1988 (1555472486); Borgo 2013 (1479400149BUY).