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Herbert, James. '48. HarperCollins 1997.

Herbert, James. '48
Divergence: 1945 CE
What if: German V2 rockets struck England with biological agents in March 1945, and the ensuing Blood Death swept the world, killing everyone except those with AB- blood.
Summary: In 1948, a healthy AB- American living in the ruins of London has a final confrontation with Blackshirts who want him for his blood.
Published: HarperCollins UK 1996 (0002242877), 1997 (0006476007); HarperPrism 1997 (0061052930BUY), 1998 (0061057819BUY); ISIS 1997 (075315563X); Pan MacMillan 2017 (1447294610BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Arson Thierry as 48, Presses de la cité 1999 (2258049040), France Loisirs 2000 (2744135089).
Translation: Nederlands by Ineke van Bronswijk as '48, Unieboek/Van Holkema & Warendorf 1998 (9026975503).