Harrison, Harry. A Rebel in Time
Divergence: 1859 CE
Summary: A racist army officer goes back in time to help the South win the Civil War; a black soldier follows in order to defeat him.
Published: Granada 1983 (0246117664), 1984 (0586055797), 1985 (058688295); and Tor 1983 (0523485549), 1989/1998 (0812539672).
Original in: English.
Translation: Czech by Jiri T. Pelech as title unknown, AF 167 1996 (8085384191).
Translation: German by Bodo Baumann as Im Süden nichts Neues, Bastei-Lübbe 1984 (3404220706).
Translation: Polish by Grzegorz Kolodziej as Rebelia w czasie, CIA-Books-SVARO 1992 (838510058X).
Translation: Russian as title unknown, Eksmo 1999 (5040031173).