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Harris, Robert. Fatherland. Random House 1992.
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Harris, Robert. Fatherland. Translated to the German as Vaterland. Heyne 1994.
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Harris, Robert. Fatherland. Translated to the Spanish, Atlántida 1992.
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Harris, Robert. Fatherland. Translated to the French, Pocket 1996.
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Harris, Robert. Fatherland. Random House 1996.

Harris, Robert. Fatherland
Divergence: 1942 CE
What if: Nazi Germany met greater success invading Russia, and after discovering that Britain had broken the Enigma code, forced a peace in the west.
Summary: A cop in 1964 Nazi Berlin investigates an apparent suicide and finds himself unwrapping a 20-year-old cover-up of what happened to the Jews.
Comments: Basis of the 1994 HBO movie Fatherland, the making of which is described in Christy Campbell's "The shrinking of Fatherland", q.v. Subsequently produced by the BBC in 1997 as a two-hour radio drama, apparently more faithful to the novel than was the movie.
Published: Random House 1992 (0679412735BUY), 1994 (0517117215BUY), 2006 (0812977211BUY), 2010 (1409021289BUY), 2012 (0099576570BUY); Hutchinson 1992 (0091748275); Thorndike 1992 (1560545569, 1560548959); Arrow 1993 (0099263815); Harper 1993 (0061006629BUY), 1994 (0061008818BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: Czech by January Nemejovsky as Oteina, Riopress 1993.
Translation: Danish by Tage Dalsgaard as Fædrelandet, Lindhardt og Ringhof 1992.
Translation: Finnish by Juhani Lindholm as Kolmannen valtakunnan salaisuus, Otava 1996 (9511140620).
Translation: French by Hubert Galle as Le sous-marin noir, Julliard 1992 (2260009786).
— As Fatherland: roman, Julliard 1993 (2260000010), Pocket 1996 (2266071173).
Translation: German by Hanswilhelm Haefs as Vaterland, Haffmans 1992 (3251002090), 1995 (3251002805); Heyne 1994 (3453072057), 1995 (3453074661); Bertelsman 2005 (3570068331). Included in Hochspannung. Vaterland / Die Scorpio-Illusion, Heyne 1998 (3453140532). Included in Vaterland / Enigma. Zwei Romane in einem Band, Heyne 2001 (3453177452).
Translation: Greek by Xeni Lekatsa as Fatherland, Psichogios 1993, 1996.
Translation: Italian by Roberta Rambelli as Fatherland, Mondadori 1992 (8804361093), 1993 (8804374640).
Translation: Norwegian by Finn B. Larsen as Fedreland, Cappelen 1992 (8202134706).
Translation: Polish by Andrzej Szulc as Vaterland, Zysk i s-ka 1998, Ksပżnica 2008 (9788324575428).
Translation: Portuguese by A.B. Pinheiro de Lemos as Pátria Amada, Record 1993.
Translation: Portuguese by Maria Luísa Vaz Pinto as Pátria, Bertrand 1993 (9722507109), 1994, 1995.
Translation: Romanian as Vaterland (Patria), publ. unknown.
Translation: Russian as Faterland, publ. unknown.
Translation: Spanish as Fatherland, Atlántida 1992 (9500810905), Atlántida 1994 (9500812428).
Translation: Spanish by Rafael Martín Trechera as Patria, Ediciones B 1993 (844063319X), Ediciones B 1996 (8440661843).
Translation: Swedish by Hans Berggren as Faderland, Forum 1993 (9137103369), Bonnierförl 1994 (9143020348), MånPocket 1994 (9176430731).
Translation: Turkish as Babavatan, Ümit Yayincilik 1993 (9757362107).