Hahn, Ronald M., and Harald Pusch. Die Temponauten: science fiction-roman
Title trans.: The Temponauts: A Science Fiction Novel
Divergence: 1896 CE
What if: The first atomic bomb was used in 1943 on Berlin.
Summary: An amnesiac time traveleris hunted by a competing time travel agency in the Klondike of 1896-97, where he meets Jack London, among others.
Published: Wimmer 1983 (3890481035), Heyne 1988 (3453027736).
Original in: German.
Translation: French by Marie-Jo Dubourg as Les blizzard du temps, Opta 1984 (2720102091).
Translation: Italian by Stefano Barbesti as I temponauti, Scorpio 1986, New Scorpio 1987.