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Gingrich, Newt, and William R. Forstchen. 1945. Baen 1995.

Gingrich, Newt, William R. Forstchen, and Albert S. Hanser. 1945
Divergence: 1941 CE
What if: Hitler was lying in a coma in December 1941, and Germany did not declare war on the US after Pearl Harbor.
Summary: In early 1946, Germany has won the war in Europe and the U.S. the war in the Pacific. The final showdown must happen soon, but Germany cannot precipitate the fight until it does something about the American lead in nuclear weapons research.
Comments: A projected sequel Fortress Europa was reported canceled by the publisher in 1996, as sales of this novel co-written by the then serving Speaker of the United States House of Representatives were less blockbuster-like than desired. It was also reported that the editor heavily modified the original text of this book, and in doing so chopped the last third of the book. Also note that Hanser does not receive cover credit as author but is listed on the title page as "technical editor".
Published: Baen 1995 (0671876767BUY), 1996 (0671877399BUY); SFBC 1995.