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Fry, Stephen. Making History. Random House 1998.
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Fry, Stephen. Making History. Translated to the German as Geschichte machen. Rowohlt 1999.

Fry, Stephen. Making History
Divergence: 1888 CE
What if: Alois Hitler became sterile.
Summary: A Cambridge history graduate student, offered the opportunity to change history, prevents the birth of Adolf Hitler, and awakes in a world in which a more charismatic leader led Nazi Germany to European domination by 1939. Even so, a different form of the "Final Solution" is still implemented.
Published: Hutchinson 1996 (0091791413BUY, 0099240025BUY); Arrow 1997 (0099464810), 2004 (0099457067BUY); Random House 1998 (0679459553BUY); Soho 1999 (1569471509BUY), 2014 (1616955252BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: German by Ulrich Blumenbach as Geschichte machen, Haffmans 1997 (3251003658), Rowohlt 1999 (3499224100).
Translation: Swedish by David Nessle as Skriva historia, Forum 2001 (9137116940).
Awards: Winner: 1998 Sidewise Award for best long-form alternate history.