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Freedman, Mitchell. A Disturbance of Fate Seven Locks 2003.

Freedman, Mitchell J. A Disturbance of Fate
Divergence: 1968 CE
What if: Robert Kennedy was not killed in 1968.
Summary: A highly detailed accounting of Kennedy's two terms as president, followed by those of his successor Ralph Yarborough. Immediate success in concluding the Vietnam war is followed by 16 years of pushing the country toward a more socialist economy and supporting "popular" movements worldwide rather than those labeled "anti-Communist. Meanwhile, the U.S. becomes somewhat more culturally conservative and liberals find more of a home with the libertarians of the Republican party. Will it all be undone by the Civil War of 1986-87?
Comments: A second edition from iBooks under the title The Mantle of Camelot did not appear due to the publisher's bankruptcy.
Published: Seven Locks 2003 (1931643229BUY).
Awards: Finalist: 2003 Sidewise Award for best long-form alternate history.