Flynn, Michael F. "Southern Strategy"
Divergence: 1917 CE
What if: The United States was not drawn into World War I. A few years later, Woodrow Wilson's racist policies were extended when his son-in-law William McAdoo was elected president.
Summary: Three decades later, Adlai Stevenson travels to Alabama to wheel and deal with local politicians and see if there is a way to somehow end the occupation of the American South by German troops from the League of Nations, brought about by black calls for intervention to end racist violence.
Comments: Analyzed in Jean Baker's "The Past is a Different Place".
Published: In Alternate Generals II (ed. Harry Turtledove), q.v., and History Revisited: The Great Battles: Eminent Historians Take On the Great Works of Alternative History (eds. J. David Markham and Mike Resnick), q.v.