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Finney, Jack. The Woodrow Wilson Dime. Translated to the French as La Piece d'à côté, Denoël 1994.

Finney, Jack. The Woodrow Wilson Dime
Summary: A man finds himself in another world's version of himself, married to a different wife, but after a while realizes he'd prefer to go back.
Comments: Allohistorical content is minimal, limited to the (non-)existence of various automobiles, buildings and celebrities.
Published: Simon & Schuster 1968.
— Revison of "The Other Wife" (v.t. "The Coin Collector"), in Saturday Evening Post, January 1960; The 5th Annual of the World's Best S-F (ed. Judith Merrill), Simon & Schuster 1960; I Love Galesburg in the Spring, Simon & Schuster 1963, Eyre & Spottiswoode 1975; About Time: Twelve Stories, Simon & Schuster 1986 (0671628879), Scribner 1998 (068484866XBUY).
— Revision included in Three by Finney, Simon & Schuster/Fireside 1987 (0671640488BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Nathalie Serval as La Piece d'à côté, Denoël 1994 (220730552X).
Translation: Italian by Vittorio Curtoni as La monetina di Woodrow Wilson, Mondadori 1995.