Farmer, Philip José. "Sail On, Sail On"
Divergence: 1290 CE
What if: The world was flat, and Bacon developed a radio from theological principles.
Summary: Columbus sails off the edge of Earth.
Comments: The Worlds of Maybe publication of this story is followed by a several page commentary by Farmer on the rationale behind such a world.
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Original in: English.
Translation: French by Martine Renn as "Par delà l'océan", in Histoire de la 4ègme dimension (ed. unknown), Livre de Poche 1986 (2253032956).
Translation: German by Ronald M. Hahn as "Weitersegeln! Weitersegeln!", in Das Lächelm der Gioconda (ed. René Oth), Luchterhand 1985.
Translation: Italian by Giampaolo Cossato and Sandro Sandrelli as "Salpa! Salpa!", in Le grandi storie della fantascienza 14 (eds. Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg), SIAD 1986 (8844301350), Bompiani 1996 (8845227170).