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Elton, Ben. Time and Time Again. St. Martin's/Thomas Dunne 2015.

Elton, Ben. Time and Time Again
Divergence: 1914 CE
What if: The Archduke Franz Ferdinand was not assassinated but later in 1914 Kaiser Wilhelm was.
Summary: A soldier from 2025 is sent back in time to avert the Great War and avert Germany's potential dominance in Europe. But there's no guarantee that the result will be any better, nor that someone from the resulting 2025 might come back in time to attempt another "fix".
Published: Bantam UK 2014 (0593073576BUY), St. Martin's/Thomas Dunne 2015 (1250077060BUY, 1466888903BUY), Black Swan 2015 (0552770914BUY, 0552779997BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: Danish by Poul Henrik Westh as I kamp mod tiden, Turbulenz 2015 (9788771481280).
Translation: Estonian by Evi Eiche as Tagasi minevikku, Helios Kirjastus 2015 (9789949554249).
Translation: Russian by Aleksander Safronov as Vremya i snova vremya, Fantom 2014 (9785864717172).