Cover art
Ellis, Warren, et al. Ministry of Space. Image Comics 2005.

Ellis, Warren, Chris Weston, and Laura DuPuy Martin. Ministry of Space
Divergence: 1945 CE
What if: Britain snuck the Peenemunde rocket team out before either the Americans or Russians got to them, and bombed what was left of the rocket center.
Summary: By the year 2000 the UK dominates the solar system, but its success masks unsavory truths.
Published: Three-issue comic book series from Image Comics, issues 1-2 published 2001 and issue 3 published 2004. Issues 1-2 re-published in a single comic entitled Ministry of Space in 2004.
Published: Collected as a single graphic novella by Image Comics 2005 (1582404232BUY, 1582404240BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Alex Nikolavitch Racunica as Ministègre de l'espace, Semic 2005 (284857125X).
Translation: Portuguese by Marquito Maia as Ministério do Espaço, Devir 2014.
Awards: Finalist: 2004 Sidewise Award for best short-form alternate history.