Effinger, George Alec. "Target: Berlin! The Role of the Air Force Four-Door Hardtop"
Divergence: c 1936 CE
What if: In a fit of sanity, world leaders decided to postpone World War II.
Summary: Excerpts from Effinger's book on how the World War II of the 1970s was fought with automobiles instead of aircraft in order to conserve fuel.
Published: In New Dimensions 6 (ed. Robert Silverberg), Harper & Row 1976 (0060138645); and Robert Adams' Book of Alternate Worlds (eds. Robert Adams, Martin H. Greenberg, and Pamela Crippen Adams), q.v.
Original in: English.
Translation: German by Juergen Langowski as "Ziel: Berlin!", in Hiroshima soll leben! Die schönsten Alternativwelt-Geschichten (ed. Karl Michael Armer), q.v.