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Dutourd, Jean. Le feld-maréchal von Bonaparte. Flammarion 1996.

Dutourd, Jean. Le feld-maréchal von Bonaparte (considération sur les causes de la grandeur des Français et de leur décadence).
Title trans.: Field Marshall von Bonaparte: Consideration of Reasons for the Greatness of the French and Their Decline
Divergences: 1767 CE, 1795 CE, 1824 CE
Summary: Three scenarios which might have resulted in the continuation of the French monarchy. In the first, Louis XVIII gains the throne in 1795 (rather than 1814) following an election in which the royalist party gained control of the government. In the second, Louis XVIII lived beyond 1824, preventing the ascendance of Charles X and the Revolution of 1830. Finally, on considering that the French Revolution would have failed without Napoleon, a scenario in which Corsica was not sold to France in 1767 and Napoleon becomes the great general who established Austrian dominance in Middle Europe.
Published: Flammarion 1996 (2080673327); Grand livre du mois 1996; Librairie generale française 1997 (2253142638); and France Loisirs 1997 (274410714X). Originally appeared in Le Figaro, beginning Jan. 1, 1992.
Original in: French.