Di Filippo, Paul. "World Wars III"
What if: Starting with Einstein in 1918, every nuclear physicist was murdered, and nuclear weapons were never developed.
Summary: A soldier in Kiel c. 1970 for the big allied push against the Soviets meets an old reporter with a crazy tale about time traveling.
Published: In Interzone #55 (January 1992); The Best of Interzone (ed. David Pringle), HarperCollins UK 1997 (0006482430), St. Martin's 1997 (0312150636BUY); and Lost Pages, q.v.
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Monique and Hugues Lebailly as "Les Troisiègmes Guerres Mondiales", in Pages perdues, q.v.
Translation: Spanish by Eugenia Arrés López as "La Tercera Guerra Mundial", in Paginas Perdidas, q.v.