Di Filippo, Paul. "The Jackdaw's Last Case"
Divergence: 1901 CE
What if: Franz Kafka left Prague in 1901 to work with an uncle in Madrid, and from there commenced his world travels.
Summary: In 1924, Kafka has become a lonely hearts columnist for a New York City newspaper, but at night he becomes… The Jackdaw, scourge of the underworld.
Published: In Science Fiction Age, January 1997; and Lost Pages, q.v.
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Monique and Hugues Lebailly as "La derniègre affaire du Choucas", in Pages perdues, q.v.
Translation: Spanish by Eugenia Arrés López as "Quien mató a la Grajilla", in Paginas Perdidas, q.v.