Denton, Bradley. "The Territory"
Divergence: 1861 CE
What if: After his brother was killed by Unionists in 1861, Sam Clemens decided to remain in Missouri rather than move west to Nevada.
Summary: Joining Quantrill's raiders just in time for the attack on Lawrence, Kansas, Clemens begins to wonder about the mess he's gotten himself into.
Published: In The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, July 1992; The Year's Best Science Fiction, Tenth Annual Collection (ed. Gardner Dozois), St. Martin's 1993 (0312094248BUY, 031209423XBUY), SFBC 1993, v.t. Best New SF 7, Robinson 1993 (1854872346); The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians, Wildside 1994 (1880448386); One Day Closer to Death: Eight Stabs at Immortality, St. Martin's 1998 (0312181507BUY); and One Lamp: The Best Alternate History Stories from F&SF (ed. Gordon Van Gelder), q.v.
Awards: Nominee: 1992 Nebula for best novella. Nominee: 1993 Hugo for best novella. Nominee: 1993 World Fantasy Award for best novella.