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Dauxois, Jacqueline, and Vladimir Volkoff. Alexandra. Livre de poche 1996.

Dauxois, Jacqueline, and Vladimir Volkoff. Alexandra
Divergence: 1916 CE
What if: Lenin was assassinated before returning from exile in Switzerland, and the tsar secretly mediated a European peace in 1916.
Summary: Russia stabilizes and becomes the world power, but with its growth comes corruption and manipulation by plutocrats. The young Tsarina Alexandra strives for the reform of Russian society.
Series note: Sequel is Dauxois's La Grande Pâque russe.
Published: Michel 1994 (2226075305); Le Grand livre du mois 1994; Livre de poche 1996 (2253140643); Roche 2003 (2268046117).
Original in: French.

Dauxois, Jacqueline. La Grande Pâque russe
Title trans.: The Great Russian Passover
Divergence: 1916 CE
Summary: Later in the reign of Tsarina Alexandra, the empress confronts Islamic terrorism and other issues.
Series note: Sequel to Dauxois and Volkoff's Alexandra.
Published: Rocher 2004 (2268050408).
Original in: French.